Corporate Web Hosting

We provide web design and web hosting services to corporate companies. For this reason, your site is not located on the same server as other sites.

After a corporate website is designed and programmed, the most important requirement is that it must be actively accessible and provide a speed above the expectations for its users. This is one of our most important criteria for professional web design and corporate web hosting services. Whether you get linux hosting service or run it on windows hosting, we present this principle as one of our most important principles. The process of purchasing the domain (domain name) requested by your company and directing it to the corporate web hosting area, as well as ensuring that the hosting service you have received works properly, is carried out together. In addition, whether you want your site to be moved from a web domain that you have previously purchased, our personnel in the required department will perform this service in a professional manner, in line with your requests and especially the actions you have highlighted.

We never stop the system in a way that will cause our customers to drop from search engines and lose visitors, by suddenly stopping our servers due to quota exceeding in any way. We do not try to mislead our customers with unfounded statements such as unlimited traffic and unlimited web space. Your quota is what it is. In general, we do not have thousands of customers, as we provide this service to our customers for whom we design and program the website; We like to work boutique. We can even help you to set up an e-mail on your mobile phone when appropriate.