Logo & Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Study and Logo Design


What is corporate identity design? Who is it made for? Why is it necessary? You will find your answers in our article prepared for you to find answers to your questions. Corporate Identity Design, by definition, is the corporate identity of a company that covers many issues such as the name and brand of a good or service, the work it does, its employees and service understanding. In other words, corporate identity concern is the visual, physical and sensory manifestation of the vision, mission and values ​​of the institution and marketing itself in the field in its sector. Because businesses and their brands can get a better place in the market with the power of their corporate identities. In this respect, corporate identity should be developed accurately and consistently.

Corporate identity studies consist of many phases. When starting corporate identity studies, it is necessary to think well and make the right decision. Once your brand’s corporate identity is established on the target audience, it will be very difficult to make changes or updates. It is assumed that in people’s eyes it is easier to create facts than to update existing ones. .

The brand’s ability to make a strong impact and build lasting bonds first depends on how it expresses itself visually.

Corporate identity design means bringing “personality, principle, mission and vision” to the activities of the institution. So why do companies or institutions need corporate identity and why should they? Our corporate identity is like a mirror of the visible face of an institution or organization. It is also the way institutions and organizations express themselves, and this expression has the quality of being unchangeable if certain limits have been drawn, many changes and studies have been made on it and it has been done correctly.

The most important part in corporate identity design is primarily logo design. While designing the logo, which is the starting point and the most important building block, the application areas should be considered very well, the technical possibilities should be taken into account and the applicability should be calculated consistently in every field.

Corporate Identity Design is a whole that creates the face and prestige of your brand and raises your brand value.