Admin Panel

Admin Panel

We provide an Admin Panel, web site management panel service, which is one of the most important components of an effective web design. A Website Management Panel that allows SMEs and businesses or web designers to easily manage their website content and perform operations such as adding and removing images.

General Features of a Web Design Admin Panel

It can be easily integrated with Mobile Compatible Web Design. It is user-friendly, both web designers and business personnel can use it easily. It has global features and is supported by constantly updated versions. There is no limit to add content, pictures, videos in website edits. Can be added unlimitedly via Facebook, Twitter, etc. of website content. It is equipped with features that make it easy to share on social media. Form, search, live support, etc., where visitors and potential customers can easily contact through the website. Plugins can be easily integrated.

Technical Specifications of a Web Design Admin Panel

  • Admin Panel works with up-to-date HTML, Asp, Java Script Codes. MSSQL is used as database.
  • More than one admin manager can be created with the authorization feature
  • Can run mobile compatible designs
  • Changing the homepage and internal pages of the website design is simple and easy.
  • Video, audio, picture embed feature is available
  • Forms sent from the contact forms will be sent directly to your e-mail.